What is free radical damage?

This is something you've probably heard a lot about, but what actually is it and what does it really do to your skin?⁠

Free radicals are molecules beneath your skin which are great in small amounts, but when their numbers increase it starts to damage the growth of your skin cells causing rapid signs of ageing. ⁠

Here's what you can do to counter the effects fo free radical damage: ⁠

🍓 Include berries into your daily diet Berries are packed full of antioxidants which helps to reduce free radical damage. ⁠

🍓 Skincare Ingredients need the top layers of the skin to be nice and healthy. They also need a good level of hydration in the skin, a poorly hydrated skin is one that cannot function properly. Our entire range has delivery properties to help hydrate down in the deep layers on the skin, reducing free radical damage.

Have you heard about free radical damage before?⁠ #organicrituals

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