wait, our phones are that dirty?

When was the last time you have cleaned your phone case?
2021, the year of constantly sanitising your hands as a part of our day to day life. But for many, cleaning our phone surface is often forgotten. 
Your mobile phone is far dirtier than you think! Let's think about it, we take that bad boy everywhere!
We should be disinfecting our phones once a day to we are removing all dirt, germs and bacteria transferred from our fingertips. It's almost as if sanitising your hands and not your phone, is a waste of time. It is important that we remove our phone cases and ensure we are wiping down every single surface. An alcohol wipe works a treat!
If we don't do this, we are transferring bacteria to our skin on when we take phone calls. This can cause acne, congestion and bacteria on the skin. If you have ever noticed this around the cheeks or the sides of your face, its time t think about this factor!
Is it time for you to clean your phone? #organicrituals #selfcarerituals

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