Truth behind your pillowcase

Pillowcases... More important than you think and also, dirtier than you think. So, the question is, how often should you change your pillowcase? And why?

Did you know that you should be changing your pillowcase every 2-3 days? Especially if you're prone to breakouts. Throughout the day, our face and hair collect a mixture of oil, dirt and air pollutants. Even after cleansing our face and washing our hair, we still sweat from our pores. Sweating creates bacteria that accumulates on our pillowcases along with dead skin cells and dust mites. All of these combined, block the follicles causing breakouts to the skin.

The type of pillowcase you choose is also very important and most of the time, overlooked. Not only does your skin suffer, but your hair too! Cotton fabrics can cause hair to split at the ends, frizz and snap. Swapping your pillowcase out for something a little bit lighter, can help your skin and hair gain the benefits. We recommend silk or bamboo pillowcases, as they are super lightweight, breathable and soft on the skin.

Do you change you change your pillowcase often and still find that you're suffering with breakouts? Read our Q&A blog on breakouts to find out more! #organicrituals

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