Small, white under-eye bumps?


What are these small, white bumps under my eyes? For those of you who dont know, milia are the small white bumps underneath the skin, that are commonly found under the eyes and on the cheek area. 

They are solid bumps of dead skin cells or keratin, that are trapped underneath the skin and no matter how hard you try to squeeze, they will not come out.

There are two ways to remove them:

1. Visit a medical professional who can extract them with a small needle. It is a quick procedure, that requires an incision. 

2. Daily, gentle exfoliation consisting of an AHA or retinol. Vitamin A helps with skin cell turnover, which can help the milia to surface on the skin. 

With anything, prevention is better than a cure! It is important to consider what eye care you are using. Skin under the eye area and can be prone to puffiness, if fluid builds up in the area. This can occur when applying creams that are too thick. Try our Awaken Eyes Eye Cream, that is super lightweight and comfortable on the skin. Containing Cucumber Oil to soothe and reduce eye puffiness and Native Lemon Aspen to strengthen the capillary walls and reduce the appearance of dark circles. 

Remember, no scrubbing, squeezing or picking, especially with dirty hands! #organicrituals #selcarerituals

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