Skin type vs Skin condition

This is something that gets asked quite a lot in the beauty world. 'What is the difference between a skin type and skin conditions?'. 
Let us help and break it down for you babes.

Skin Types
Skin types are predetermined by our genetics and cannot be changed. The different skin types include:
- Normal
- Dry
- Oily
- Combination

Skin Conditions

Skin conditions however, can occur to different skin types due to internal and external factors (diet, environment etc.) The various skin conditions can include:

- Dehydration
- Sensitivity
- Pigmentation
- Acne
- Congestion⁠


Dry skin 💧⁠
- Is a skin type where the skin lacks lipids and or oils. ⁠
- Your skin will look flaky and dry in appearance and slight redness or irritation. ⁠
- Could use a good cream cleanser like our Aloe Cream Cleanser

Dehydrated skin 💧⁠
- Is a skin condition that occurs when there is a lack of water in the skin.⁠
- Generally looks dull in colour, loss of elasticity and show signs of premature ageing. ⁠
- Can use a nourishing serum like our Hyla VitA+serum (if not pregnant)
Do you now know what skin type or skin conditions you may have? 
If you don't, thats okay! 
Take our personalised skincare quiz and we an help you out!

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