@jennifer__chong skincare routine & review

By: Jennifer Chong 

Revamping your skincare routine is always an exciting time. I’ve always been an advocate of mixing things up every so often so that your skin doesn’t get too used to the products you’re using. After I finish up the last remnants of whatever I may be using at the time, I’ll switch to something new. I recently changed to an Australian skincare brand, Organic Rituals. They are cruelty-free, natural, and make their products locally. It’s been about two weeks since I started this new routine and here’s my little review.

First, we start off with the cleanser. I’m using the Anti-OX Foam Cleanser which is ideal for those prone to breakouts or have an oily-to-combination skin type. I like how gentle it is on my somewhat sensitive skin and you can really feel it deeply cleansing all the dirt away. The sulphate-free blend (which also includes Parsley, Green Tea, Wheatgrass and Alfalfa) also assists in preventing premature ageing. I use 2 pumps of this and massage it into my skin in gentle, circular motions – day and night.


Next up, we have the Cocktail Scrub. I love my exfoliants so much because they lift away dead skin cells leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth. Being an all natural brand, Organic Rituals have used 100% natural physical exfoliants instead of microplastic beads which end up in our oceans. I actually much prefer these natural exfoliants, not only for the environmental aspect, but because they feel like they get in deeper. The results are smaller pores and a more even skin tone. I take a pea-sized amount and gently massage for about 2 minutes. This one I would only use every 2-3 days.



Then, it’s mask time. Pink clay masks are amazing to achieve that glow in your complexion. Take a teaspoon of the powder inside the Pink D-Tox Mask packet and put it in a little bowl. Add only a few drops of water or toner and stir until it becomes a paste. Don’t do what I did the first time and put an equal part of water! You’ll end up with a mixture that is simply too watery to use. You can apply the paste with a brush or your fingers and leave the mask to dry for 10-20 minutes. I’d use this twice a week.
After your face is cleansed, squeeze a couple of drops of serum to your fingers and lightly sweep it across your face and neck. This Hyla VitA+ serum is oil-based that is absorbed quickly into your skin. What I love about this product is that it helps counteract acne and sun damage – and I’m in the sun A LOT. It can also assist in increasing the skin’s elasticity. Only use this one at night. If you’re pregnant, it is recommended that you do not use this product.
The next step is moisturise. I’m using the Q10 Renewal Cream which hydrated and exfoliates at the same time. This promotes a brighter skin tone as well as anti-ageing. My skin does get dry at times and this is the perfect antidote for that. Use a pea-sized amount, day and night.
And finally, it’s time for our eyes. The Awaken Eyes product comes in a cute little bottle that you pump to bring out the cream through the applicator. With the assistance of cucumber oil, native lemon aspen, this treatment helps reduce eye puffiness, strengthen the capillary walls and reduce the appearance of dark circles. I use this day and night.

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