How to get rid of Maskne

Have you heard of the term maskne?
Maskne is a term to describe acne or breakouts on the lower half of your face caused by wearing a face mask.
Although wearing a face mask helps with the spread of COVID-19, it certainly does not help stop the spread of acne and bacteria on the face!


- Irritation causes increased blood flow and skin swelling.⁠

- Friction from our masks causes swelling and breakouts.⁠

- Trapped moisture creates an environment where bacteria can grow which creates and easier place for acne to grow⁠

-  The change in environment on your skin (humidity from your hot breath) can cause inflammation and irritation. 

- Increased oil production from heat created an environment where skin is more prone to clogged pores.⁠

- Heat promotes an increase in sweat, creating a damp environment.⁠

- Trapped bacteria creates an environment for the skin where acne can grow.⁠


- Ensure you fit your mask to your face where it isn't too tight.⁠

- Cotton: switch to cotton or silk fabrics⁠

- Stay hydrated to ensure your skin responds to the irritations well.⁠

- Avoid wearing makeup so it wont transfer onto your mask, creating congestion.⁠

- Keep your skincare simple ⁠

- Wash your mask after each use to remove all dirt and bacteria trapped underneath.⁠

- No Filter spot treatment applied to the acne spots for faster healing.


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